Adidas Predator Studs

Price: € 13.00

The best part about your football boots, you can switch out the studs to match the pitch.

These adidas Studs are made from lightweight high-impact aluminium, just what you need for a soft ground win.

12 studs in the pack .

Use stud lengths as illustrated.

Make sure that studs are fully screwed in before use.

Nike Guard Stay

Price: € 6.00

The Nike Guard Stay has a versatile design to fit most shin guards, providing a more secure and stable fit with a stretch material for durability. 

Precision Training League Pro Football Stud Set

Price: € 5.00

The Precision Training League Pro Football Stud Set are screw in nylon studs with a metal tip. The set includs eight short and four long studs.

Precision Training Linesman Flags

Price: € 15.00


2 quality chequered flags with alloy poles. Includes protective carry sleeve.