Adidas Predator Studs

Price: € 13.00

The best part about your football boots, you can switch out the studs to match the pitch.

These adidas Studs are made from lightweight high-impact aluminium, just what you need for a soft ground win.

12 studs in the pack .

Use stud lengths as illustrated.

Make sure that studs are fully screwed in before use.

Adidas Copa Mundial Football Boots (Mens)

Price: € 135.00

The most popular football shoe of the past 20 years, and for good reason. Its perfect fit and comfort have made it the top choice of football players at all levels.

Adidas World Cup Football Boots (Mens)

Price: € 140.00

Highest-quality classic soccer shoe with screw-in studs. The choice of professional players for more than 20 years.

Puma King Top Di PU FG (Mens)

Price: € 110.00

The Puma King Collection has been based on three performance-based solutions. Designed, engineered and developed according to the needs and wants of three different sets of individuals: The Enhance Player, The Pure Player and The Essential Player.